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Want to know how to afford to take a year off work to travel? Want a tool to show you exactly how? Grab your FREE Travel Budget Tool to help you budget and save for a year of travel.

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Want more advice? Grab a copy of my Gap Year Over 30 Guide!

The first question I usually get asked about taking a gap year over 30 is, “Where do I even start”? This guide includes EVERYTHING I wish I knew before taking my “Grownup Gap Year” at 31 years old and everything I learned along the way and on my travels since.

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Covers topics such as:

  • Mindset and encouragement to finally take the leap and book the trip.
  • How to budget, save, and track your spending.
  • Best travel cards to use to avoid fees and rack up those airline and hotel points.
  • How to make friends while solo traveling over 30.
  • How to find accommodation suited to the 30+ crowd.
  • What to pack for an entire year of travel.
  • Coming up with an itinerary and how far in advance you should book things
  • Finding cheap flights
  • Dealing with homesickness

and so much more! Grab your copy now!