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If you’re moving to London or thinking of doing so and could use some advice, you’ve come to the right place! Having moved to London from Chicago myself back in 2012, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide of everything I wish I’d known before I moved and everything I’ve learned since.

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What’s Covered

My comprehensive Moving to London Guide includes 24 pages and 13 chapters jam packed with EVERYTHING I wish I knew before moving to London 11 years ago and EVERYTHING I’ve learned about living in London since!

How To Find a Job

Which companies are more likely to sponsor, do you need a recruiter, what will they look for in your resume, what is the working culture like? These are all questions I cover in the guide to help give you the best chance of landing your dream job.

Making Friends

Moving to a brand new city as large as London can feel daunting and overwhelming. I provide you with all my personal knowledge and advice to help you make a wonderful group of friends here in London and help you navigate the social scene.

Finding a Flat

Unless you’re the King of England living in Buckingham Palace above, then you’ll probably need to flat hunt. I provide all my tips on which properties to look for, which apps to use, what to look out for before signing a lease, and more!

Neighborhood Guide

Much of what determines your experiences and the life you live in London will depend on where exactly you decide to base yourself. In this guide, I go through the most popular neighbourhoods and what you can expect from each.

Getting a Visa

Probably one of the hardest parts of the whole process is firstly deciding on which visa you need and secondly, how to get one. In this guide I break down the best and most common visas which will put you on track to ILR as well as citizenship if you wish to apply.

Where to Find What

Sometimes I miss the days of being able to find everything in one place at the likes of Target or Walmart, but being here 10 years now, I’ve learned where to go to find what. I’ve listed out all of the key online and in-person shops you’ll need to know.

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Looking for More Support?

CV/Resume Template

Get my personal resume (CV) template which helped me land a job and a skilled worker visa in London. Includes the exact professional wording and prompts I use to showcase my professional career and can be tailored to any industry. Layout and formatting also included based on what is expected in the UK market.

In addition, I’m including a checklist with 11 key terms to watch out for in your employment and relocation contract specific to London and the UK once you land your dream job.

All information comes from my exact firsthand knowledge and experience of working with immigration lawyers and navigating the job market in London for the past 11 years.

1:1 Private Coaching Session

Need some personalised advice? Book a 30 minute private 1:1 session with me where we can discuss your specific circumstances and I can help you make a plan to finally achieve your dream of moving to London. We can cover any questions you may have about moving to London or what to do after you arrive such as getting a visa, finding an employer to sponsor you, finding a flat, setting up a bank account, etc. After the call I’ll send you a personalised summary sheet with topics discussed, advice provided, and an action plan.

What you’ll get:

  • 30 minute 1:1 video call.
  • A FREE copy of my Moving to London Guide (£24.99 value)
  • Personalised advice from a US expat who’s lived in London for 10 years, has achieved getting a skilled worker visa requiring sponsorship twice, and now has indefinite leave to remain.
  • Summary sheet of topics discussed and advice provided.
  • Personalised action plan.