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If you’ve been planning to take a Grown Up Gap Year and are looking for some firsthand knowledge and advice, this guide is for you. My comprehensive Gap Year Over 30 Guide includes EVERYTHING I wish I knew before taking my “Grownup Gap Year” at 31 years old and everything I learned along the way and on my travels since.

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What’s Included in the Guide

The first question I usually get asked about taking a gap year over 30 is, “Where do I even start?” To answer this, I’ve structured this guide by chapters and organised them in the order I approached planning and taking my gap year. I’ve also listened to my community and made sure to include answers to the most commonly asked questions I receive.

Chapter 1 – Mindset & Encouragement

If you’re sitting there second guessing your decision, scared of what people might think, or contemplating everything that could possibly go wrong, trust me, I’ve been there too. That’s why I’ve put together an entire chapter on mindset and encouragement to help put your mind at ease and get past those limiting beliefs. Includes discussion around career and financial impact, dealing with naysayers, building up your confidence to solo travel, and more.

Chapter 2 – Finances

How in the world do you budget, save, and track your spending for an entire year of travel?! All great questions which I’ve got the answers to in an easy step by step approach. As a CPA who’s worked in the finance industry for 15+ years, you could say I know a thing or two about money, so let’s dive in and break it down. Also includes a section on the best travel cards to use while traveling to get the most out of your money.

Chapter 3 – Preparing to Go

In this chapter, I cover everything you could possibly think of to prepare for your year of travel such as making an itinerary and how far out to book things, what to do with all of your “stuff” back home, how to approach leaving your job, and more.

Chapter 4 – What to Pack

Packing for a week long holiday is one thing, but packing for an entire year of travel is an entirely different story. In this chapter we’ll cover what you actually need for a year of travel and trust me, it’s less than you think. Includes advice on choosing a backpack or suitcase and which brand I used as well as a comprehensive packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything important.

Chapter 5 – Weeks Leading Up and Day of Leaving

I thought this topic needed its own chapter because the roller coast of emotions you’re going to experience in the weeks and days leading up to your departure, especially the day of, will be intense!

Chapter 6 – On Your Grownup Gap Year

The largest chapter covering a wide range of topics such as how to find cheap flights and accommodation, how to make friends while solo traveling as a 30+ traveler including what it’s like to stay in hostels, dealing with homesickness, my personal travel tips, safety while traveling, and more.

Chapter 7 – Returning Home

Adventures over, now what? Coming home to normal life after such an epic year abroad can bring on a wide range of emotions and that’s completely normal. In this chapter, I provide a bit of advice and perspective from someone who’s done it before to help you through it.

Looking for More Support?

1:1 Private Coaching Session

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and need some help planning your grownup gap year? Book a 30 minute private 1:1 session with me and we can cover anything you need advice on such as planning your finances, which travel cards to use, making an itinerary, safety as a solo traveler, my tips for finding cheap flights and accommodation, etc. After the call I’ll provide you with a summary sheet of the topics discussed and advice provided as well as a personalised action plan.

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