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Cozumel Mexico Tips

Welcome to my comprehensive travel guide where I’m giving you all of my best Cozumel Mexico tips. Cozumel is a small island located just off the coast of Play del Carmen. The vibe is more relaxed and the pace of life is slower (island life after all). If you’re a diver, I would highly recommend a visit. It’s one of the most popular diving destinations in the world due to the sheer amount of dive sites located around the island.

Things You Should Know About Cozumel

How to get to Cozumel

The easiest way to get to Cozumel is from Playa del Carmen. From here, you can take the Ultramar or Winjet ferry from the pier just off of 5th Avenue. It takes about 45 minutes and costs $250 Mexican Pesos each way (approx. $13 USD). If you’re coming from Mexico city, you can get a direct flight rather than flying to Cancun and making your way to Playa del Carmen for the ferry.

How to get around Cozumel

I would suggest either walking, flagging a taxi, or hiring a car or scooter. The island isn’t that big but it’s not tiny enough that you can walk from one side to the other in minutes (it would actually take 4-5 hours if you tried). I rented a scooter from Moped Rentals Cozumel and had a good experience so would recommend them.

Best Time to Travel to Cozumel

I’ll refer back to my Playa del Carmen Travel Guide for this, but basically anytime of the year is good as it doesn’t get cold. If you’re going specifically for diving, November to March are the best months for bull shark sightings. Outside of that, the conditions will be pleasant year round.

Currency used in Cozumel

The currency used in Playa del Carmen is the Mexican Peso.

Other Helpful Advice About Playa del Carmen

The main part of the island is on the west coast. This is where the ferry comes in and where the town is located. The beaches are located on the south and east sides of the island. The north side and the middle of the island aren’t accessible as it’s mostly forest. There is one road that connects goes around the outside of the island connecting the west, eat and south coasts (see blue line on map below).

Is Cozumel safe to Travel?

Short answer, yes. I came here as a solo female traveler and also with friends and I always felt incredibly safe.

Map of Cozumel

Check out my Google map below to see all of my tagged recommendations which includes everything noted within this travel guide.

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The Best Places to Eat in Cozumel

I could eat tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that’s pretty much what I did when I visited Cozumel. Here were some of the best spots to eat in Cozumel:

Los Sera’s Tacos

Located on the main road Avenue Pedro Joaquín Coldwell. It’s a local hole in the wall taco joint popular with both locals and expats alike.

Taqueria El Pique

Located a few blocks down on the same road as Los Seras and same vibe.

Burritos Gorditos

One day I was craving a big, Tex Mex, breakfast burrito and I found the perfect one here. Unfortunately no photo as I scarfed it down in 0.5 seconds.

La Cocay

If for some reason you tire of tacos, there’s a really lovely Mediterranean restaurant in town called La Cocay. It’s an intimate setting with incredible food. There’s even a small courtyard if you fancy eating outside.


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Must See Sights and Things to Do in Cozumel

Diving with Aldora Divers

There are approx. 15 dive shops on the island and over 20 dive sites so there will be something to suit every level of diver. My friend and I went with Aldora divers. They were extremely professional, punctual, and fun.


If you’re not a diver, there are plenty of opportunities to snorkel around the island!

Playa Chen Rio

This was my favourite beach on the island.


El Cedral

This is a tiny village in the southwest corner of the island. I literally stumbled upon it by chance the day I rented a scooter and drove around the island. There are a few small souvenir shops but the best part is the small tequila distillery offering lessons and a tasting on how tequila is made. It will only take you an hour or two to see the whole thing, but it’s something different to do other than the beach.

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Where to stay in Cozumel

Amigos Hostel

The last time I stayed here was in January 2021. The owner is an American woman who has been on the island for 20+ years so she knows her stuff and gives the best Cozumel Mexico tips. That said, since I’ve stayed, it looks like only an 8 bed dorm is available to book at this property now. My friend and I stayed in a private room. Perhaps she’s doing renovations and the private rooms will be up again soon, but if you’re up for the dorm, I’d recommend booking!

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